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PalmBeach, Cheung Sha, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.  香港 大嶼山 長沙 棕櫚灘.  Tel : (852) 2980 4822  Fax : (852) 2980 4823

Herbs Garden - Safari Bush Camper

Inspired by the great African experience, our Safari Bush Campers are surely the most stylish possible way to camp out.  Each could room a group of 6 ppl. This accommodation is perfect for embracing the best that the nature has to offer while enjoying the cozy interior.

Providing the freedom of camping without compromising on comfort and quality, each Safari Bush Camper offers optional partitioning for 2 compartments and a breakfast veranda. All door and windows are mozzi guarded to keep insects out, so you can feel safe and comfortable while sleeping inside. They are equipped with double-air-beds, proper beddings, air cooler and exclusive camping table and chairs.

A wonderful introduction for those who have never camped before!

Our Safari Bush Campers origins from South Africa.  They have been designed so as to ensure mobility, but still give that touch of home as they are designed to be semi-permanent structures. The canvas is a combination of treated cotton and synthetic material, and is constructed to be able to highly resistant to ultra-violet light, rot-proof, waterproof and flame retardant.

You will love the peace and quite setting up, eating breakfast outside after a decent night’s sleep or enjoy swearing at the barbecue.

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Safari Bush Campers Palm Beach  棕櫚灘 南非營